Shot Clock

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The world's elites gather at a remote luxury hotel deep in the Canadian Rockies to plot the course of the planet. Agent John Crane is tasked to monitor who shows up and who's talking to whom. But someone else has a very different agenda, and the conference is a carefully laid trap. When it’s sprung, the hotel becomes a killing ground. Cut off from the outside world, Crane finds himself leading a group of survivors that includes his nerdy billionaire boss, the enigmatic and deadly woman he loves, and one badly wounded old man whose death could bring about the end of the world.

Isolated, ill-equipped, and hunted by heavily armed mercenaries, their only hope is to keep moving, keep fighting, keep one step ahead of their enemies. Can John Crane keep this mismatched team alive until help arrives and head off disaster, or is the world doomed to tumble into chaos and war?