"These men are strong and cruel, and you aren’t.

Don’t try to fight your enemy on his ground, with his weapons.

You’re smart. That’s your power.

If you want to help, do something smart."

About Aftershocks

John Crane is Back in Action, and Back in Trouble!

Georges Benly Akema had a perfect life until he lost it all to one sudden act of brutality. To fight back, he needed a hero.

He found John Crane.

Now the legacy of that moment spreads, warping lives across the world. With enemies closing in, Georges and Crane must join forces in one last stand. They must fight to mend what was broken, or die in the attempt.

About the John Crane Series

The Crane series is an attempt to put a 21st century spin on the suave secret agent, to update the classic superspy for a post-cold war world in which a government agent is not necessarily seen as a hero and power is increasingly in the hands of wealthy private figures. The series, starring former US Government agent John Crane and his new employer, idealistic young Silicon Valley billionaire Josh Sulenski, has been compared to the James Bond series and the works of John D. MacDonald.

Also by Mark Parragh

Adventure, Romance, and Action on the High Seas!

The Bahamas, 1924. War veteran Colin Ridley lives the fast life of the lost generation in Nassau. His younger brother Stephen seethes under the grinding task of keeping their family’s doomed farm working. The brothers have major issues. But when a family crisis brings a need for big money, they have all they need: a fast boat, a reliable source of high-quality liquor, and the thirsty boom towns of prohibition-era Florida just a short hop away across the water. It should be easy money. But easy money is never easy…