Saint Justice – Mike Grist

Saint Justice – Christopher Wren #1 by Mike Grist Published by Mike Grist Read it now at Amazon It Takes a Cult Leader to Kill a Cult  He calls himself Christopher Wren, but that’s not his real name. It’s not entirely clear that he has a real name. He grew up in an apocalyptic cult…

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Rogue cellular networks – as seen in Wrecker

A lot of research goes into writing a book. Sometimes that research takes you to very odd places. I thought you might be interested in seeing where some of the things that turn up in a John Crane adventure come from. A great example of this comes from the second Crane novel, Wrecker. Set largely…

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Stone Groove – Erik Carter

Stone Groove – Dale Conley #1 by Erik Carter 310 Pages Published by Erik Carter Read it now at Amazon A Freewheeling Agent Learns You Can’t Bury the Past Deep Enough It’s the 1970s, and Dale Conley is an agent for the Justice Department’s Bureau of Esoteric Investigations. The BEI gets the odd cases. They…

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The Victor – Matt Rogers

When the Boss Calls on Your Day Off, You’re Going to Have a Bad Day…

James Xu was supposed to be taking a break. An elite agent for Black Force, a government operation so covert that the FBI’s never even heard of it, Xu is returning from the field to his New York City home when he gets the call. Details are sparse.

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The Corrector – Ethan Jones

Meet Javin Pierce, the man they send in second…

Javin Pierce works for the CIS, the Canadian Intelligence Service, but he’s no ordinary agent. Javin is a “Corrector.” He goes in to clean up and repair the damage when an operation goes wrong. It’s a job that requires subtlety and an ability to improvise in the field.

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Trigger Point – Andy Maslen

A Twisty Little Thriller with a Hero You’ll Enjoy Hanging Out With

Having retired from the SAS, Gabriel Wolfe just wants a quiet life with his dog and his Maserati, but fate has other plans. Gabriel worked as an advertising executive after leaving the army, and now runs his own consultancy helping big London firms negotiate deals.

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