Douple Tap

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John Crane is an elite government agent who finds himself out of work when his organization is suddenly shuttered. Josh Sulenski is a Silicon Valley tech prodigy with more money than 37 countries, some serious James Bond fantasies, and a plan to save the world. All he needs is his own secret agent...

Now Crane and Josh are an unlikely team out to right wrongs and protect the innocent. Crane is on his own without backup or authority, but with his skills and a liberal application of Josh's money, he's making up all new rules for the spy game!

John Crane: Double Tap brings you two suspense-filled adventures in one volume! Double Tap expands John Crane’s world and fleshes out events between the novels. In Bird Dogs, Crane follows a potential information source to Buenos Aires, only to discover he’s not the only one tailing his target. Then Pledged Assets takes Crane to Venice in a risky alliance with the beautiful, deadly woman he knows as Swift to infiltrate a secretive underworld organization and raid its ancient vault.

Spy Fans Are Raving About John Crane!

"John Crane is a different sort of hero. He doesn't have a dark past or a darkened cynical soul. He's just a guy who's highly trained to deal with people trying to kill him, and looking to do some good in the world with his talents."

"A great story line of foreign intrigue and action. John Crane is molded out of the James Bond genre but a bit more devilish. Looking forward to reading subsequent adventures."

"Not since the likes of Ian Fleming and John D. MacDonald have I enjoyed a writer so much. I have only one suggestion... please write more books!"

"If you enjoy reading about spies with special talents, gorgeous women, different countries, and fighting ruthless kingpins and their stooges, then this book is for you."

Mark Parragh

About the Author

Growing up in rural Virginia, Mark Parragh seized on stories—spy stories in particular—to escape the isolation and monotony of real life. He grew up with a deep love for old James Bond movies and Mission Impossible reruns and survived on a cache of forgotten paperbacks he discovered in the attic. He devoured books by authors like Alistair MacLean, Eric Ambler, and Robert Ludlum when he was clearly too young and impressionable to be reading such things.

As an adult, he has worked as a media and trade journalist, as a technical writer, and as a story editor in the film industry. He is the author of the John Crane series and the standalone adventure Rumrunners. He lives in Virginia with his family.