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In Baja California to help a friend’s daughter, John Crane finds himself crossing swords with a sadistic American trust fund heir and the drug cartel that’s taken him under its wing. But he soon uncovers something even more dangerous using them both for cover. Meanwhile, Josh Sulenski’s kindness to a former mentor reveals a dark conspiracy with disturbing connections to Crane’s mission. Suddenly the stakes are higher than ever before, and the danger strikes far too close to home.

As Crane fights for his life against a cunning and ruthless enemy, Josh assembles a team of specialists to support him. But an unforeseen confrontation forces Josh to look closely at who he can really trust in a battle of shifting loyalties and betrayals where one mistake could cost him everything. Wrecker expands John Crane’s world with new allies, new enemies, and a mysterious blue-haired woman who could be either - and might just be more than he can handle.